11 June 2011 | Day 076

7:18 pm

I slept last night with a promise never to lose to any of you again. I slept last night praying for all of you. I slept last night seeking vengeance. I started the first step today.

Never mind the opening quote. I am sure it is not for most of you, dear readers.

They say dogs are man’s best friends. I say dogs are not meant to be only best friends but REAL friends as well, something hard to see with the people you once considered friends in this society. Though they can’t speak nor do what we humans do, they will always be there at your side whether you are happy, lonely or mad. Guess how many of your human friends can do that. Maybe one? or 0.5?

We had Bruce and Sashi vaccinated this morning. I am not sure about the injections but I think Bruce was dewormed and injected with anti-rabies while Sashi was injected with…well I don’t know (I’ll ask the vet, I can’t understand the record). At some point, I thought dogs are braver than humans. Bruce and Sashi didn’t cry nor moan nor whatever unlike most people do. Well, it was nice to see and know that my dogs are well protected from any virus that might make them sick. It is also good to know that I am protected from Bruce’s bites.

Well, that’s all. Let us hope the Dallas Mavericks win in Game 6 to prove some arrogant but ignorant people out there that their King James, who by the way is a king without a ring, that they need to be humble sometimes. Dogs are better than you all.

– Erson (7:41 pm)

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