Month: June 2011

When money and time play harsh

29 June 2011 | Day 094

2:55 pm

Today was another expensive day. Re-application for the Assembly cost a hundred while readings are piling up on the expenses list again. Filipino readings were 55.00 while POS51 cost 30.00. Not to mention the pending papers for printing.

Well, time is against me too. I have things to read, requirements to accomplish and organizations to join. It seems that time is so fast when things get piled up. Well, whatever, I have to do this.

– Erson (2:59 pm)


28 June 2011 | Day 093

3:25 pm

This day was tiring. Not only because the heat was terrorizing Manila again but because of the full blow of my classes today. No free cuts, no early dismissals. It was a bit of a good thing that my last class was fun to conclude my day.

Well, the tiring feeling won’t be over soon. Tonight, I obliged myself to at least start on my paper in History. I have three papers to finish and a map to memorize after all.

“Chuva” – Mr. RR Raneses, in the middle of some serious discussions. Fun, isn’t it? Or not? Whatever. Chuva.

– Erson (3:29 pm)

The pressure is on

27 June 2011 | Day 092

6:12 pm

Today seemed to be as the “warning” for next week, the first hell (at least hell-er than the first ones) week of my sophomore year.

As soon as my history teacher told that we have two papers due next week, and that we have to memorize the Asian map by next week as well, the gravity of the pressure “pressed” me with indescribable force. I have three papers to work on from now on (two mentioned here, and one for POS60), a map to photographically put in mind, a movie to watch, and a 300-page book to read. Can it get any hell-er than this?

But I can do it. I should and I must.

– Erson (6:17 pm)

Back to the best – the Classics

26 June 2011 | Day 091

5:11 pm

On my way back to my dorm near Ateneo, I bought some classical books, the best books there are in the world’s current library.

To add to Sherlock Holmes, A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, I managed to buy F. Scott Fitzergald’s The Great Gatsby, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter and Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights to add to my classical book collection. These books have made it to countless top 100 lists with The Great Gatsby making it to Time Magazine’s All Time 100 Novels. Well, any of the classical books would be worth reading for they are the foundations of great and intelligent literature. No other book, novel or author today could match what Shakespeare, Hemingway, Austen and the others have done for literature. Today’s books especially The Twilight Saga are miles and continents away from the classics with Twilight galaxies or even universe away.

I hope I can have Jose Rizal’s Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo soon. I want them to be in Filipino. Although I have read these two books in secondary, it is always worth it to have Rizal’s works on my shelves.

To end, I have just noticed that there’s no rain anymore. Haha. Back to school again. Whoah.

– Erson (5:23 pm)


25 June 2011 | Day 090

8:59 pm

I have always wished for a cool weather for the Philippines, something like that of the early Baguio City’s. I and we (in the Philippines) are having it now, at least until Falcon goes out of the archipelago.

I like the weather these days – cool, refreshing, and certainly won’t make you sweat – but it does not necessarily mean that I love the rain. Well, good things always have their evil counterparts. Yes it’s cool and no class since yesterday, but the rain and the wind have caused much trouble already. Here in our place, Sampaloc trees have fallen and/or were cut in half by the strong wind, blocking the better access road. News says that people in other provinces have water ranging from ankle to knee high. Floods, landslides and destroyed houses are almost everywhere.

Let us just hope for the best. Maybe we’re tired of the always scorching summer-like heat in our country and want to have a relatively cooler one. But let us also always put into consideration the lives of the majority. We can have a better weather through the rain, but certainly it will jeopardize people’s lives. Let us just be careful what we wished for and pray for the best.

– Erson (9:09 pm)


24 June 2011 | Day 089

7:23 pm

The rain hasn’t stop since morning today. Offices and classes were canceled and I blame myself for still going to Ateneo to get the rest of the copies of The Republic.

Good thing it was fun today. I bought two books today and they are great book . One is the classic Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte and the other is Princess, which will be used for my History 16 class, by Jean Sasson. I am having this taste for classic books these days especially because of Arthur Doyle’s masterpiece Sherlock Holmes. I have been reading the book (the complete one, with all novels and stories) for two weeks now and I am never bored with it. It is interesting, intelligent and invaluable.

Rainy night to everyone.

– Erson (7:29 pm)

Proud to be Atenista

23 June 2011 | Day 088

4:38 pm

The rain is hard today, though not consistent (you know, rain-stop-rain again), and seems to continue to be hard until the rest of the night. The rain has been pouring since early morning and it had been a little bit hard for me to go back and forth to school because of it. The road was wet. The bridge was wet. Even some classrooms were wet due to wet sneakers. It was a really bad idea for me to sport my new shoes today. It just got wet and dirty.

Anyway, despite the rain, today had been magnificent. I had free cuts in POS100 and Tae Kwon Do (the latter was annoying as it was announced last minute when everyone was in uniform already) because of the Holy Spirit mass, leaving me four hours of free time, which I used for studying The Republic for the most anticipated POS60 class, after my 7:30 am class.

I discovered that I am beginning to understand and comprehend better now. And for that I am grateful to God. The 200 pages readings each day have become easier and more understandable and not as intimidating as before. Books V and VI of the Republic, which I was studying last night, were “chicken” for me as I understood them in one reading. I believe I read faster than before as well. It didn’t took me overnight to finish V and VI as I managed to sleep at 10:30 last night.

POS60 is getting more interesting every meeting. Today, though the quiz was way off from what I reviewed (it was about Book IV), I started to accept the fact that my first impression on RR Raneses was definitely wrong. The teacher who I predicted would be my worst nightmare have been proving me wrong with each class session. Today, he discussed even better than what he used to do, which is already better relative to other professors, and I was engaged in listening to him. He talked about the realities of Arroyo government in a way that everyone will laugh but still everything he said will be glued – and glued hard – to every student’s minds. I wouldn’t have known that former president Arroyo has three boyfriends if not for him. He made me, along with everyone, laugh but at the same time slowly opened my surprisingly blinded eyes of the reality of today’s politics and government. I must admit Political Science is interesting because of him and other excellent professors that I luckily got this semester.

Today I realized how lucky I am to be in Ateneo. Yes, it is hard and tiring and such. But the experience, the teachers, the lessons, the formation…priceless. I am proud to be an Atenean.

– Erson (5:15 pm)