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Summer 2011: The Boracay Escapade

18 April 2011 | Day 042 | Daily Scribbles Special

The splash of the clear waters of the vast sea keeps on ringing in my head like melody. The white and fine sand…oh yes the sand…can still be felt by my naked feet walking along the shore. How I wish we can stay there – there where fresh air is, there where peace and tranquility is – like forever.

I’ve always wished for a fun-packed family vacation over the past 17 years of my life. I had one these past few days, finally!

My family and I went to Boracay last April 15 to 17 for some stress break and leisure. I thought it wouldn’t be that fun as I imagine but it turned out to be great and way fulfilling. Everyone in our family had fun – from the plane to Bora to the plane back to Manila – and I’m sure that fun would remain in our hearts and memories even as time passes by. This summer vacation is the best one in my life yet.

Day 01

The first day was something already. It was the first time for my little brother to board an airplane and he was so excited (even if we woke up at around 1:30 am). It was also my family’s first time to Boracay and everyone was looking forward to it the past few weeks. Well, yeah the trip was fun with Angelo sounding as excited as ever and my dad playing comedian every now and then.

Setting foot on the fine sands of Boracay was way better than flying on any airplane. The moment we reached the shore after a boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay proper, everybody removed his shoes and felt the beautiful sand. The feeling was refreshing. The sands were really fine and I must say the world should have more of it than freaking asphalt roads.

We didn’t waste any time after our arrival and so we immediately fixed our things and changed into our swimming attires. Unfortunately,we were unable to swim that day since the sun is scorching hot. We just played with the sand, felt the water a bit, shopped and ate some great food. I like that restaurant named Bamboo Lounge which has great breakfast meals and Chinese food.

Everybody was tired and sleepy so we spent the whole afternoon sleeping. During the night, we explored some shops and ate some good food again. More people flocked during the night as they went dancing to great music, had fun with parties and filled their stomachs with amazing food and drinks.

Day 02

The second day was activity day. We started swimming early in the morning. Dad was funny, way funny – chilling (to the bones) during the swimming time. After around an hour and a half, we went island hopping and explored the wide Boracay waters. It was nice to have that fresh air fill your lungs and touch your skin. During the middle of trip, which by the way is by motor boat, my brother and I went snorkeling. The fish around the sea, especially those that travel by group (yo, school of fish) were fun to watch. It was worth the experience.

Day 03

The last day was mixed with fun and a little bit of sadness. Well, it was our last day to enjoy Boracay and the time seemed so short to do other activities.Despite that, we made ourselves way too active to enjoy everything Boracay has to offer. We went swimming again, sailing (you know, that pretty sail boat), jet ski-ing (what’s the right term?) and helmet diving. Well, everything listed before was first time for me (except swimming of course) so my excitement made the experience way more enjoyable. I really love the helmet diving part. You see, we were underwater, walking there and feeding fish. That was great!

Truly, Boracay is a God-given gift not only to the Philippines but also to the whole world. My stay there gave me my greatest summer break ever. I think it is but right to say…I ♥ Boracay!

Happy 1st Monthsary!

I can still remember that day when I first started this blog. It was just a month ago. On that day, I have zero views.

Happy first month to us! Flaming Eternity has survived its beginner’s month and we’re now looking forward to another bountiful month…no year…no years ahead. Thank you dear readers for dropping by once in a while. Having around 30 views a day is really a big joy to me. I’m sorry for blogging late, or for not writing that well yet. I assure you that I’ll improve everyday as I write and post.

When I started this blog site, I told myself that I want a lot of readers. I dreamed of seeing my stats go to hundreds if not thousands everyday. I was very happy when my views shoot up to 246 on March 5 after having barely around a hundred during the first four days. “If my views are always like this,” I told myself that day. “…then I would write even a dozen articles per day.” Well, of course that statement was an exaggeration. I was just really overwhelmed to have that many views in a day. My dream was slowly coming to reality.

Yet, during the next days, my views significantly went down until having just about 25 to 30 views per day. There was even a time when I got seven. I must admit I got sad and even thought of not blogging everyday anymore. I planned to just blog occasionally or when I’m in the mood to do so. I felt like my dream will stay as dream after that.

But I realized that I want to write and express myself. I realized I want to make a mark in this world (yes, I want to be remembered after 2012). And so I did not stop. It doesn’t matter how many views I get each day. It doesn’t matter if its 200 or two. I want to write. The fact that people are viewing my site everyday makes me already happy. It is sad that I became too obsessed in having hundreds of views each day.

So, thank you very much to you, to your friend, and to everyone who visited and are visiting my blog. I hope you won’t get tired of reading stuff here. Thanks a lot, spread the virus!