16 March 2011 | Day 013

7:05 pm

A music video entitled Friday is spreading in Ateneo and in other universities like a viral disease. I have to say that the said video and song is the worst I’ve ever seen and heard since Justin Bieber’s (who is also one of the worst in the music industry) Baby. I really can’t explain my feeling towards it. It’s just…I want to knock the girl singing down and strangle her to death. I mean, what’s the sense of saying Friday Friday…tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards?! Also, the song is really monotonous. Tell me, is this pop culture?

Anyway, enough of the idiotic song. Today is a good day. We formally reconciled and met in Gateway during lunch. It’s a good thing that we’re back to normal again. Honestly, I don’t know if I could last a week without talking to her. Also, our fear is gone. It turned out that the thing we’re fearing to happen isn’t true at all. It was a big sigh of relief.

School days are getting shorter and shorter. Ateneo is almost empty by 4 pm, which is really early, today. Well, it’s evident why people aren’t as noisy and hyper as before. Exams and projects are piling up like crazy. Requirements are hunting most students.

Almost a week now and classes are out. I wish you guys the best luck. Hopefully, we survive this one last hell week and have fun on next week’s Friday.

– Erson (7:17 pm)