Happy 1st Monthsary!

Happy 1st Monthsary!

I can still remember that day when I first started this blog. It was just a month ago. On that day, I have zero views.

Happy first month to us! Flaming Eternity has survived its beginner’s month and we’re now looking forward to another bountiful month…no year…no years ahead. Thank you dear readers for dropping by once in a while. Having around 30 views a day is really a big joy to me. I’m sorry for blogging late, or for not writing that well yet. I assure you that I’ll improve everyday as I write and post.

When I started this blog site, I told myself that I want a lot of readers. I dreamed of seeing my stats go to hundreds if not thousands everyday. I was very happy when my views shoot up to 246 on March 5 after having barely around a hundred during the first four days. “If my views are always like this,” I told myself that day. “…then I would write even a dozen articles per day.” Well, of course that statement was an exaggeration. I was just really overwhelmed to have that many views in a day. My dream was slowly coming to reality.

Yet, during the next days, my views significantly went down until having just about 25 to 30 views per day. There was even a time when I got seven. I must admit I got sad and even thought of not blogging everyday anymore. I planned to just blog occasionally or when I’m in the mood to do so. I felt like my dream will stay as dream after that.

But I realized that I want to write and express myself. I realized I want to make a mark in this world (yes, I want to be remembered after 2012). And so I did not stop. It doesn’t matter how many views I get each day. It doesn’t matter if its 200 or two. I want to write. The fact that people are viewing my site everyday makes me already happy. It is sad that I became too obsessed in having hundreds of views each day.

So, thank you very much to you, to your friend, and to everyone who visited and are visiting my blog. I hope you won’t get tired of reading stuff here. Thanks a lot, spread the virus!