It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me. – Bruce Wayne

Welcome to my blog site Flaming Eternity!

Having  Batman to give my opening quote perhaps really says what this blog would be about. Expressing oneself surely defines what a person is. However, for some “quiet types” like me, mingling physically and socially could be tough to accomplish. Even The Caped Crusader hide himself behind a mask! And so here is Flaming Eternity to compensate, hopefully, for my mediocre “socializing skills.”

This site also gives me the opportunity to reach out to you and share my thoughts with you. Hopefully, my articles would touch your lives even in the tiniest of ways. I assure you that I will do my best to write articles that would inspire, make you laugh, and trigger those emotions inside you to the fullest of my ability. I may not be one of the best of the million bloggers out there (I may not even be a good writer), but I believe that every man has his chance to improve and prove himself. And so, hopefully, you won’t get tired of visiting this site every now and then.

I hope you’ll appreciate reading articles here in my site. Don’t forget to comment and hit like. God loves you!


  1. Bro.. Nice work.. :)) keep it up.. i’ll be a regular reader.. ^_^
    request lhan..

    gawa ka aman ng blog about foods and mga resto.. :))

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