hell week

Last hell weekend: Accomplished

20 March 2011 | Day 017

10:13 pm

I just finished my part for our Math paper. That was tiring, really. Imagine writing eight pages about mathematical logic. Isn’t that boring? Well, it’s a good thing I’ve managed to accomplish it.

Just four more days and it’s officially vacation, the most coveted holiday for students. Well, I must admit I’m looking forward to it (at least to have some enough sleep) but there’s still a tough road ahead – my finals week. I have one more paper to write (Literature), a play (Literature again), a Chemistry final test, and Literature (again!) finals. Vacation is still way far for me if one will think about it thoroughly. Nevertheless, it’s a challenge and obstacle that I need to surpass.

I don’t have any interesting thing to share today and I apologize for that. During vacation, maybe I could talk of more exciting topics than my previous posts.

I just wish all students who’ll have their finals a very very good luck. We can do this.

– Erson (10:20 pm)