Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel

9 March 2011 | Day 006

12:30 pm

I got a free cut in English so I decided to write my entry for today already. It’s Ash Wednesday and this marks the beginning of the Lenten season, in which we commemorate the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness as He was being tempted by Satan. We also commemorate Jesus’ suffering before His death. Obviously, our celebration of this holy season also lasts for 40 days (exclude Sundays).

I attended the mass for today’s special occasion at the Church of the Gesu beside my dorm here in Ateneo. I must confess that it was my first time to attend a mass at the said church. The church was full this morning and some were even standing. The mass was great – spoken in English and everyone was singing. There were a lot of Jesuit priests at the altar to celebrate this important event.

I haven’t had much sleep these past few days so I was really sleepy from the start of the mass until the celebrant’s homily. My eyes were closing like crazy, I can’t help it. I was pinching myself, pressing my fingernails and even punching my thighs just to stay awake. After the homily was the imposition of ashes, which I was really looking forward to. When I reached the priest, I heard him say

Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel

before drawing the holy cross on my forehead. It was a message that I must have heard for the first time as well. I don’t remember the priests or nuns saying those words back in elementary and high school.

Those words really moved me. Aside from the fact that I didn’t become sleepy anymore, I promised myself to be better even for this season of Lent. I told myself that I’ll follow fasting and abstinence (I had tempura for lunch), be good in a sense that I won’t do “bad” things as I used to do, devote myself in prayer and so much more. It is but right, after all, to honor the great sacrifice that Jesus did to save us.

Lent is a season for us to recall our misdeeds and sins and do the necessary actions to correct them. It is a time for us to be better, to be more holy, to show our love for God. May we always put in our hearts the sacrifice He did for us. May we never forget to thank Him and serve our neighbors as He had requested from us.

Hopefully, we all had mass today. Hopefully, a cross was drawn on each of our foreheads and may it remind us of how we had live our lives in the past years of our existence. Let us sit for a while, think, ponder and free ourselves from worries. Let us offer ourselves to Him.

Forty days. Forty good deeds. Forty days to be better Catholics. Let us not waste this precious moment to improve ourselves. Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

-Erson (1:14 pm)