EN 12: The Beginning

In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was a formless wasteland, and darkness covered the abyss, while a mighty wind swept over the waters. (The New American Bible, Gen. 1: 1-2)

Everything has a beginning. God created the world from darkness and dust to a masterpiece of wisdom and love. An artist starts his artwork from an inspiration which is later put into canvas through lines and colors. A writer draws his brilliant articles and ideas from imagination, nature and everything that is present around him.

I have been wishing to have a palette for the colors that I have long stored in my aging chest. Long have I dreamed of having a white and beautiful canvas to paint my works on. Long have I hoped for my feelings and writings to be expressed and shared among people and not only with the old folder in my dusty cabinet.

Alas! Here it is – the genesis of my dreams. Now, I can speak to the world. I can even tell how annoying my roommate in my college dorm is. I can now express myself and expound my inner self which most people don’t understand.

I want to thank my English 12 mentor Mr. John Ryan Recabar for giving me this opportunity to start a blog site.

Join me in my quest to write the words that would help define me as a person.