Artemis Fowl


11 May 2011 | Day 055

4:27 pm

The weather today turned out to be completely opposite of what the weather was these past two days. And I tell you, it gives me, and probably you and your neighbor, some headache.

Well, despite that, this day proved to be not that bad. Though I must admit the headache is worsening, I was plunged into deep adventure in AF6 – enough to make my day a little satisfactory.

If Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony were the most emotional book in the series as I had described it in yesterday’s blog, Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox is surely the most intelligent one in the series so far. It is packed with twists enough to give you an additional headache while ironically enjoying it. Some were predictable but most seemed to be predictable but happened to be otherwise. The plot is nice as time travel theme is involved. Although time travel may be cliche for some of us, surely Eoin Colfer managed to un-cliched the said theme by involving a 15-year-old genius in Artemis Fowl and fairies, needless to mention the humor that dwarf Mulch Diggums inserts in the story (he will keep you from getting insane, believe me).

The story basically revolves around Artemis searching a cure for her mother, Angeline Fowl, who was diagnosed with Spelltropy, a disease that is transferred through magic. It was soon revealed that the cure can be extracted from silky sifaka, a lemur which happened to be extinct thanks to Artemis criminal doings when he was ten. And so, Fowl has travel back in time to rescue the lemur from extinction and cure his mother. It won’t be easy as he faces his biggest adversary yet – Artemis Fowl, ten-years-old – not to mention Opal Koboi doing drastic damage again later in the story as she managed to join Artemis and Holly in traveling back to the future in the time stream.

Surely, this book is very interesting. Read it if you’re a genius, or simply want to feel like one. It won’t disappoint your expectations.

– Erson (4:45 pm)


10 May 2011 | Day 054

5:04 pm

I half expected things to get better today. I was right, fractionally.

Well, at least I was wrong about the weather. I predicted it to be sunny and scorching hot today. Good thing it is not instead the weather turned out to be nice and cool. No sun but at least not rainy anymore.

I have finished reading AF5 today to be my fifth book to have been read this summer. I did not set any number of books to reach but I am happy I’m going this far. Actually, I have already started with my sixth book – AF6. I hope all this book reading during this summer will pay out during the next days of being in school.

I thought AF5’s ending would be boring just like the fourth book. But I was wrong. Well, I was half expecting it to be good but the irresistible the-ending-might-be-boring feeling is in me. Good thing it was a nice ending. So far, it has the most emotional ending among the five books in the series.

– Erson (5:15 pm)

Foul, Fowl, fowl

9 May 2011 | Day 053

5:02 pm

FOUL. I can’t deny that I love the rain more than the sun. But I must admit I hate the rain if it has immediately shifted from the sun. Just like what is happening these past couple of days.

The summer heat was piercing through my windows like crazy just this Saturday until it rained yesterday when Pacquiao was devastating Granpa Mosley. Today, the sun did not show up instead it rained nonstop. With this sudden shift in the weather, my throat is hurting as if it were being scratched by rusty barbed wires. It hurts. This weather is extremely foul. Talk about global warming making itself known…tsk.

FOWL. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony proves to be better than its predecessor. So far, some girl named Minerva has somewhat “outsmarted” the boy antihero turned hero. Minerva has captured a demon (an imp to be exact) by the name of N°1, who was being tracked by Artemis himself to do the exact same thing except that Minerva has done it before him and before his eyes. Now he has to claim the demon back with of course the help of his rival turned friend fairy Holly Short.

fOWL. The Lakers proved to be a chicken after the Mavs routed them in Game 4 of in the West semis. The Mavs won four straight against the defending champions and one of my two favorite teams. It was embarrassing, way embarrassing for some champs to be routed in four games straight and 30 plus points in the last game. What happened to Gasol? What?! The Lakers seemed to be fowls.


I love my title today. It’s so nice. Not only the words rhyme, but the title made you think. I tap my shoulder for this one.

– Erson (5:26 pm)


7 May 2011 | Day 051

6: 45 pm

Despite the Lakers being almost swept by Nowitzki and his gang of tongue-show-ers, I have the benefit of being alone all day at home today.

Well, I had fun doing some things today. Though tiring, it was extremely fun.

I played with Bruce today even though he’s stinky as his dung. He really love biting rags and playing with them. I don’t know what’s with rags, why does Bruce love rags? This is really getting mysterious. Guess what, tomorrow he will turn eight months! I wonder what his treat for us will be.

I started AF5 today as I’ve finished 4 yesterday. AF4 is not as exciting as its predecessors but good and still thrilling. It revolves around Opal Koboi’s revenge on everyone who had put an end to her evil plans in book three. Of course, Artemis is included in the list, which also includes the LEP particularly Captain Holly Short (who WAS in the bridge of being promoted to a major). It was nice.

Book five revolves around demons. So far, a demon has brought Artemis to an earlier century (you know, time travel). Hopefully this would be nice.

– Erson (6:52 pm)

Seems like eternity

4 May 2011 | Day 048

3:32 pm

As I write this post, I can fell the sun’s heat piercing through the windows into my library, which by the way has its air conditioner set to 16 degrees Celsius.

The foul weather seems like to last forever. Yesterday, I was here in the same room feeling the same heat. Last week, it was the same situation. I can’t simply work and be productive with this kind of weather. Even mother, who normally wouldn’t care about the weather, complains about the heat being a bit too exaggerated. It is just too hot, even if it is summer. Global warming is surely taking control of this world. You know, frying you and me little by little.

Anyway, some minutes before writing this blog, I have finished reading AF3. It was longer and better in terms of mind boggling concepts. Basically, the story revolves around Artemis (obviously) having invented something called a C Cube, which was modified from fairy technology. He wants to sell the God-like computer to a gangster, criminal, whatever you call it, for some price on which this ghangsta did not agree. The gangster, who is also a genius of almost the same level as Artemis, took the item and some action took place, resulting to Butler, Artemis’ bodyguard and friend, being shot and eventually being dead.

Well, Artemis has to find a way to resurrect Butler from doom and he needed some fairy assistance. As usual, Captain Holly Short comes to aid for Fowl. As they try to find some ways to give Butler his second life, Artemis has to chase the C Cube thief, who has set a trap for him to decode the Eternity Code he has placed on the cube. This book is full of adventure, action, drama, comedy and emotion put together in 309 pages.

I would start reading the fourth book sometime tomorrow to distract me from this scorching heat. It is the only way possible to be productive with some fun and excitement as bonus.

– Erson (3:50 pm)

Bruce almighty

3 May 2011 | Day 047

4:40 pm

Today is the second day that Angelo is gone for some seminar. I must admit I’m bored without my little brother and with Lakers and Ginebra losing in NBA and PBA, respectively. And so I had to look for some boredom-remover.

It wasn’t hard to find the boredom antidote. Bruce, our ever so playful eight-day-old Shih Tzu, is the cure to my poisoning. Apart from our master and pet “training” early this morning, I and my mother gave him a deserving bath at noontime and it was another wet and wild mania. Bruce was splashing water everywhere and I was water-struck in the eye for at least two times and water-with-shampoo-struck for another couple of instants. It was not bad as it might have sounded instead fun and nice.

I blower-ed Bruce after his bath and it was way fun than bathing and shampooing his delicate looking body. I don’t know if he is afraid of the vacuum’s (I use our vacuum cleaner’s reverse mode by the way since we have no blower) nozzle or he was enjoying the air coming out of the machine. It was funny seeing him walk around like crazy or act like a paranoid cat…or dog. Haha, Bruce, what a dog.

As usual, he was sleepy after. While I was writing this post, he’s here beside my foot sleeping like a sloth. It doesn’t matter, we had fun already.

I started reading AF3 while Bruce was sleeping and I must say it is another adventure to look forward to. So far, Butler needs to be revived from the dead (oops, spoiler) after an encounter with someone named Arno Blunt, who by the way is as big but more gangstah-looking than him, and Artemis Fowl is paranoid on how he will do it. This is getting interesting.

That will do for today. Good day folks.

– Erson (5:02 pm)

Lost in thoughts

29 April 2011 | Day 043

4:32 pm

I don’t know what to write about today. Really.

Well, I’ll just talk about AF2, which I managed to finish today after forgetting to continue doing so during my Boracay trip and the days after. Different from the first book, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident does not feature Artemis in criminal mode. Instead, he plays the role of a son who longs for his father, a team player and a comrade to the LEPrecon unit and other fairies, and a student who needs to consult the school’s psychiatrist because of his actions. The book is nice as it portrayed Artemis not being so evil and going along the good side.

Well, that’s it I guess. I’ll be reading AF3 soon.

– Erson (4:40 pm)