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Trigger the Light: Transfer of Torch of Learning

Transfer of Torch of Learning
Rogerson V. Villangca & Arianne Mae Valimento
Junior-Senior Promenade 2010

“You’ve gotta soar to survive,” thus a quote from James Patterson’s Maximum Ride says.

We began our quest meek and low, but we kept on battling until we attained the armor of courage. We risked our dreams, our efforts, and our goals. We persisted in trying, where we learned to flap our wings and hover with determination to expose ourselves and reap the fruits of our journey. Yet, the battle that we had was not always in the winning note, but we endured with the love of the Lord, Almighty and became all the more unwavering to succeed. It is us who made a difference in our lives. But let us always remember that our flight, like our success, gets a deeper meaning only when shared with others.

As Paulinians, we have the moral responsibility not only to ourselves, but to other people as well. As children of God, we are not only accountable to him as how we turn out, likewise, how the people around us live their lives as God would have wanted them to live. We are the ones to shape our own lives and we can only do this by serving good examples and by seeking God’s guidance and help in everything we do.

Young as we are, we must learn to strive hard and work for our goals. We are the creators of our own destinies. We still must have the passion to withstand all the bumps that we might encounter along our road towards the success of our education.

This torch, which was handed down for many generations, often symbolizes wisdom and knowledge, a new hope and beginning, just as dawn signals that light will come. This torch is filled with legacy, armed with responsibility, and packed with history. This torch is the insignia of every Paulinian who defied odds and built the pillars of a sacred relic.

In the tradition of the Junior Senior Promenade, and on behalf of our fellow warm-hearted seniors, we humbly hand, with honor and glory, this TORCH OF LEARNING and the challenges it entails.

Juniors, receive this torch that unites you with the blazing and unending endeavor towards the quest of knowledge and one’s upbringing. The challenge is now yours, right here, right now. This torch shall symbolize the vast responsibility that you now carry on your shoulders – to lead and guide the whole Paulinian community in the acquisition of knowledge and values. Allow this fire never to stop burning, not only in mind, but also in heart as you now craft your own path that will direct you the meaningful destiny of life to mark in the books your own legacy. This torch shall signify the strong foundation of our friendship dear juniors. As we leave, may you pursue and finish the tasks, especially the mission of initiating the change, that we are about to leave and put your best efforts on it.

Fellow seniors, as we take another step in the ever challenging ladder of life and join the exodus to the sea of providence outside our dear old school, let us soar, let us fly, let us reach our dreams and fulfill our journey. May we never forget all the good things that we learned here in St. Paul and set aside all the bad that happened. Now, we are headed to face a bigger, bolder, and more challenging road as we set foot outside this campus. It is about time to say goodbye. We may be distant physically for each other for a time, but not for long. The memories of SPCSR are in us, our minds and hearts will always be one.

As we now entrust this torch of learning to our juniors, may we never forget its light which triggered us to overcome darkness and commit our whole being to the Father. May our eyes continue to see the radiating light that this torch contains to remind us of Christ, whose charity urges us forever. Let this torch guide our hearts to the right path of our lives, until the end as we attain the sweet and resounding sound of success and victory.

Enjoy the night everyone!!

Signing Off: My Valedictory Address

Rogerson V. Villangca
Valedictory Address
Batch 2009 – 2010
St. Paul College, San Rafael

“The pain of parting is nothing to the joy of meeting again,” thus said Charles Dickens.

Sr. Teresita Capurihan, SPC, directress and high school principal, Sr. Sosima Ramos, SPC, grade school principal, Fr. Bonifacio Ampoyas, sisters, parents, teachers, friends, and fellow graduates, good evening.

In a few moments from now, each of us will officially wave goodbye to St. Paul. In a few moments, each of us will hug our friends, kiss our parents, and thank our teachers. In just a few more minutes, we will start sobbing in tears yet we’re going to flash our smiles. In just a short while, we will start missing each other, we will start searching for each other’s company, we will start recalling the days that we’re together. A little more time left and we’re going to leave memories, we’re going to face new life, we’re going to be away from each other, we’re going to depart, we’re going to sign off.

Graduation is not only a ceremony of acquiring recognitions but it is a day to make us realize that our sacrifices and efforts have finally bear fruit. It is a day to reward us of our determination to surpass any obstacle that came to our way and stand whenever we fell to our knees.  It is a time to recognize our passion to learn and our hunger for knowledge. It is a day to hail each of us for being the best of who we are.

Today, we’re here, wearing our togas and having shining gold pieces on our necks. Some are smiling and rejoicing while some do not want to say goodbye yet. It is hard to forget every moment that we shared together. The laughter and the bonding that we had are not easy things to let go. Our classmates and friends to whom we’ve opened ourselves and shared our thoughts are surely never easy to forget and lose grip of. The days that we cried and thought to give up, which helped us to become firm and strong, will never be detached from our memories. Our teachers, may they be our idols or our worst nightmares, will surely book a part of ourselves. High school life is just simply the best.

And now, let me grab this opportunity to thank our teachers who taught and instructed us every single piece of knowledge that we need. Teachers, thank you for being our second parents here in school. Thank you for believing in our capabilities, for understanding our weaknesses and failures, for rendering us your patience whenever we become naughty and whenever we copy assignments, seat works and quizzes from each other.

  • To Tatay Nic, maraming salamat po. My fourth year in high school will never be complete without you, our great adviser. Thank you for believing and supporting me and rendering our Nicaloysian family all the joy, care, guidance, and love that we need. Thank you for making us realize what life is.
  • To Mr. Andallo, our very adorable and very handsome Math teacher, thank you for all the moments that we shared. Thank you for your jokes, for your undying effort to teach us every Math concept that we need. I will always remember your lines whenever we find it hard to solve problems: “O diba, napakadali lang yan?” sabay pamewang sa bulsa at kumpas ng kamay. On behalf of St. Anthony, I thank you, together with Mrs. Isidro, for your excellent mentoring with them.
  • To Ms. Pablo, my BULPRISA coach for this year, thank you very much for helping me improve in my field. Thanks for the happy moments that we always had during our English classes. On behalf of St. Christopher, thank you for believing in them and serving as their mother during their fourth year.
  • To Ms. Catu, I personally thank you for being one of my favourite teachers in high school. You’re the kindest and the only teacher that I know who never gets angry. Ma’am thanks a lot.
  • To Mrs. Cruz, my Press Con mentor, campus paper adviser, ang ina ko at ina rin ni Carlo, thank you for always trusting me that I can do anything. Thanks for fighting for us PT staffers. Thanks for your guidance and support.
  • To Mr. Binuluan, thank you for trusting me as your Cor commander for this year. I never thought of having such position. Thank you very much sir, especially for all the military training and camping that we had.
  • To all our teachers, especially our fourth year mentors Mrs. Birco, Mr. Francisco, Ms. Saccuan, Ms. Galapon, Mrs. Guansing, Ms. Lajom, and Sr. Beth, thank you for all the days that we shared. To my previous teachers, especially Mr. Amarila and Ms. Cabaddu, thank you. Also I thank my teachers in the elementary, especially Mr. Tuppal, for your support until today.

We thank our families, especially our dear parents for loving us and giving us the chance to study in St. Paul. Thank you for all the sacrifices and hard works that you’ve done for us. You never let us down throughout the years, which shows that you really love us and care for us. To my parents, thank you for everything that you’ve done for me in the 16 years of my life. I love you very much! To my brother, thanks for giving me all the joy that I need.

To our friends, who became our source of inspiration and joy, thank you very much for always staying by our side and never leaving us whenever we have problems. Our gratitude for the time and bonding that we had, for the friendship and camaraderie, for understanding and believing.

  • To Ives, JB and Edwin, 12 years of friendship is way too long and strong for the four of us. We have built a strong pillar that will surely guide us as we journey through life. We have shared the good and the bad, we’ve spent time together, we stay to stand firm after all these years. Thank you for everything. You are my best friends who are with me always. I will always treasure in my heart every second that we had.
  • To Reysa and Kevin, thanks for being such friends to me. Reysa, thanks a lot for the friendship that we’ve built in high school. I was surprised that we became friends after our wars in elementary. Kevin thanks for accepting me as your friend. Thank you for your helpful advices and for the intelligent words you’ve been telling me in high school.
  • To Sarah, thank you for being such a great friend to me. Thank you for listening whenever I open to you my problems. You’re the best seat mate I had. Thanks for believing in me. You’re simplicity will always be in my heart. You’re smiles will always be with me. You’re the best.
  • To Ellice, high school life will never be complete without you. Two years of quarrel is enough for me to consider you as an enemy. But destiny is really playful. The last two years of my stay here in St. Paul made you as one of the biggest part of my life. Thank you for being the first person to make me smile completely, for never forgetting to make me happy, for loving and caring, for being always there. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

We thank all the sisters for your genuine appreciation of everything we do. Thank you for forming us as great Paulinians, who always put God in the center of our lives. Thank you for teaching us good works and deeds and for influencing us to become better person each day. Sr. Teresita, thank you for being a good directress to us. Sr. Madeleine, thanks for making us realize that love of Christ is surely the best. Thank you for considering us as your first love. Sr. Beth, thanks for being a great teacher. Sr. Concepcion, thank you for always wearing a smile to each of us. Sr. Sosima, I thank you for your trust and support even up to now that I soon will enter college.

Most of all, we thank the Lord, Almighty for giving us the courage and love to do anything within our capacity. Thank you, Lord, for your guidance and protection.

It has been said that high school is the best four years of our lives. Yes, it is true. But let us always remember, just like what Elisabeth Adams said in her Valedictory address in 1999, that the best years of our lives should lie ahead, because now we finally have the ability to shape what kind of life we would like to lead.

We may not all become rich and famous someday, but every one of us has the choice and the chance. What matters most though is not fame and money but the people that we love and love us back, the friends that we have, our parents, our mentors, our God. All of them, we had in high school.

The clock is ticking fast now. The gates are now open for us to enter a more complicated world. We are going to be in a new life, new situation with new people, new friends, and new environment. Yet let us always remember the values that we got in St. Paul. We are Paulinians in words and in deeds. Let us always have the Paulinian in us, for St. Paul always live in our hearts.

Now, as we say goodbye to each other, may our memories last forever. We may be distant physically for each other for a time, but not for long…not for long. Our days as friends and batch mates are in us, our minds and hearts will always be one.

As I end this speech, let me leave you with this: “To live is the rarest thing in the world,” said Oscar Wilde. “Most people simply exist.” Let’s be determined to live.

Thank you, St. Paul. Goodnight and congratulations. Batch 2009 – 2010, now signing off…

" signing off"