Most Beautiful Philippine Actresses

Friday’s Five Roll: Most Beautiful Philippine Actresses

As promised, here is Friday’s Five Roll which is supposed to have been published yesterday.

Actress Roll #5 – Cristine Reyes
Sexy and hot with charming dimple

Name: Ara Cristine Pascual Reyes
Age: 22
Origin: Marikina

Ara Cristine Pascual Reyes has everything she has to have – stunning looks, great body and that cute right side dimple. Reyes is also known for her strong personality – being frank and almost always true to her words. She made her debut in Philippine TV at the age of 16 and became popular through GMA 7 reality show Starstruck. Though she transferred to ABS-CBN in 2008, Cristine’s popularity never declined especially with male fans. At 22, she has already starred in a lot of movies with Tumbok, which is currently showing, as her latest horror film.

Actress Roll #4 – Maricar Reyes
Talented inside and out – the True Blue Atenista

Name: Maricar Concepcion Pozon Reyes
Age: 25 or 26 (I forgot)
Origin: Cagayan De Oro

Maricar Reyes may have faced a lot of controversies with the immoral and disrespectful Hayden Kho but that did not remove the beauty of this talented actress and model. Obviously, she is beautiful and maybe sexy at some point. The less obvious part is that Maricar is a doctor. She graduated in Ateneo with a degree in Bachelor of Science Major in Biology and at UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. She passed the medical board exams in 2008. Now that’s beautiful – inside and out! That is what Atenista is made of!

Actress Roll #3 – Kim Chiu
Simple and pretty in a fragile frame

Name: Kimberly Sue Yap-Chiu
Age: 21
Origin: Tacloban, Leyte

The first winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition is now regarded as the Princess of Primetime TV. And why not? She is gorgeous, slim, humble and has that cute smile. She has won a lot of awards in movies, TV shows and other various categories.

For many, Kim is just a simple young actress. But that’s her asset. She being simple provides that necessary spark to highlight her Chinese-Filipina beauty. Not only that. Her jolly, bubbly and light attitude exemplifies what a true Filipina is made of.

Actress Roll #2 – Anne Curtis
YOUR ideal girl

Name: Anne Marie Ojales Curtis-Smith
Age: 26 (Who would have thought?)
Origin: Australia

Well, well, well. What else can I say? She has this effect – render people speechless. Yes, Anne is absolutely stunning. She’s gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, lovely and whatever synonym you can think of. If every Filipina is like her, then no doubt Philippines has the most beautiful women in the world.

She is like Kim in one way or another, though she is more playful and jolly and definitely not in any way simple (it’s a good thing, don’t worry admirers). She was a VJ and now more of a dedicated actress, model and TV host. Too bad she isn’t a good singer.

Actress Roll #1 – Iya Villania (isn’t that supposed to be Villangca?)
MY ideal girl

Name: Raelene Elaine Ebaler Villania
Age: 25
Origin: Australia (again?!)

If you want to see Kim and Anne combined, Iya is your girl…scratch that, she’s my girl. She’s a singer (an edge over Anne), actress, VJ, model, host and a dean’s lister (in De La Salle). Moreover, this girl speaks fluent English, one of the best the Philippines has. She’s simple and humble, a characteristic unlikely for such a beautiful woman. I’m speechless and maybe the picture can provide the rest.