English Olympics

Together We’re Big: A Winning English Olympics Essay

2008 Division English Olympics
Division of Bulacan
On the Spot Essay Writing – 1st Place
Topic: Global Warming

The cool breeze that touches my face every night I look for companion seems to blow itself away from me. The melody the chirping of birds brings every morning seems to fly with the cast of the unknown. The safe grounds, where I used to stay, seem to overflow with dying cries and tears. All dreams were gone, everything vanished in an instant.

As the world’s progress upsurges every minute, the reverse side seems to bother the environment. With every tick of a clock, more and more resources are being ruined as new gadgets and technologies are being produced. The environment appears to be suffering as we exchange its gifts for science, fame and desire.

Global warming has lately become a hot issue on the planet. Heavy industries, manufacturing companies, and the proliferation of cars, are just some of the primary contributors for the Earth’s atmosphere to become a solid layer that does not reflect solar radiation back in space. With this, and the addiction of man’s habit of smoking and burning, the temperature of the earth’s surface increased by 90 degrees. Thus, human activity is slowly frying the planet.

Industrialization and urbanization had led to a lethal destruction of nature’s virginal areas. The tall buildings and other massive structures also mean a huge obliteration of the environment. Although workers plan to preserve nature while creating their establishments, still the soil, water, and air are contaminated, thus, shaking the balance of the ecosystem and even leading to extinction of species. Building must not interfere with natural life.

As youth, we are called to act and not merely be spectators while witnessing the nature to vanish. Our knowledge and other skills should not be stocked within, instead, be exposed to help Mother Nature. We are now urged to apply what we learn and initiate environmental stewardship. We are requested to act and to help, not just stand.

Although we are looking forward in technology and science, and we might think we do not need nature, in reality without nature humans would extinct. The animals, plant, water, air, and soil are all in tight connection, forming the perpetual circles of life. We should not forget about saving nature.

Nature is the very form which we all came from. Even though we’re just steps away of developing another engine flying in space and robots doing human activities, still we are inseparable parts of nature, on which we depend and must live forever. We should not destroy it, for even hurting it means destroying ourselves.

The time maybe running out now, but preserving our home counts no time. Today, we may be small, but as we face tomorrow together, we sure are big.