The weekend that was

24 October 2011 | Day 107
12:13 pm

I am sorry if I was not able to post Daily Scribbles these past two days. I was just enjoying my semestral break, and the way I see it, I have been successful.

Well, Saturday was family day. We went to Manila to claim my parents’ gift for my birthday last October 11. Well, I knew what it is, but I was surprised to see it in actuality. It was a brand new car – Lancer EX GT-A. It was, and it is, amazing and probably the most beautiful car anybody of my age can have for now. It…it simply is beautiful! And I really thank my parents for giving it to me. I did not wish for anything like it for my birthday. In fact I was just wishing for books. But they are the best parents, and I’m not saying this just because of the gift.

Yesterday was barkada day. I and my friends from high school had a killer basketball and swimming day yesterday, and I must say that the aftershocks are painfully awesome that I can feel them while while typing this entry. It was fun seeing old friends again, especially when knowing that our friendship did not change. It’s still there. We’re still the barkada that we used to be when we were in high school. The jokes, the personalities, the bullying, nothing seemed to have decreased after spending two years away from each other. The chains are still connected.

Well, that’s all. I’ll post my final paper in POS60 soon. Enjoy the day!

– Erson (1:48 pm)

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