The day I came back

8 June 2011 | Day 073 | Daily Scribbles Special

The past few days seemed so long and dull. I wanted to return to writing as soon as I decided to take a break but I needed time to refresh myself from the stress and heavy feeling I had during that time. Now I am back and hoping never to “quit” writing again. For in writing alone I can express what is inside me. And for writing alone I can extend to the whole world and perhaps immortalize my existence when the end of the earth comes.

I want to thank you all for the continuous support even when I was gone. I checked my views around three times during my week-long goodbye and I still got a decent number of views. So thanks.

The past week had been my renewing week. Yes, it was boring at most points but there were happy parts too. I got to spend time with my family before I hit school this June 13. I learned things in life and learned to accept mistakes and say apologies. And most of all, I got my very own dog, Sashi.

I was surprised when mom and dad gave me a two-month-old pug after mass last Sunday. I wasn’t expecting any gift, especially not a dog, until my birthday or until after the first semester. Mom promised me a dog if I become a part of the dean’s list this semester. But there she goes, a rare black pug given to me even before school maybe as inspiration to strive for the best.

Born last March 13, Sashi is in no way shy as a puppy is expected to be. When she first hit the floor of our house, she started to run around while enjoying the new home as if it was a blessing to her to be a part of the family. She is always sleepy and hungry like Bruce. She is playful, especially when Bruce is around.

I was also surprised about Bruce not being jealous of Sashi. I half-expected him to seek for more attention now that we have a new dog but he did not. Instead, he became happier that he has a new companion and playmate. He even became more kind to us and unusually obedient. Of course, he became more playful.

I am very thankful of having Sashi around. Thanks to my parents especially mom who gave Sashi her name. This is too much for an inspiration and I promise to do good in my college studies.

Now that I am back, I promise to write good articles for you. I may not be able to blog when exams and long tests come, but I assure you good posts every now and then.

Welcome back to me and thanks to all of you.

For videos of Bruce and Sashi please click here.

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