Friday’s Five Roll: Fictional Characters

Fictional Character Roll #5: Joey Harker
He isn’t a hero, he gets lost in his own house | From Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves

I cannot remember much details about this character as I have read Gaiman’s masterpiece about two or almost three years ago. But I remember I had sworn to myself that Harker would be one of my most favorite characters in the world of fiction.

I remember Harker to be just an ordinary boy, who, as mentioned earlier, gets lost in his own house and moreover in his own town. On a field trip, he enters a weird fog that led him to an altiverse (alternate universe) as the town became weird as well with police lights flashing green and yellow instead of the iconic blue and red. When he returns home, he discovers that instead of him, Joey, being his parents’ son, a girl named Josephine is their daughter instead. He later discovered that he is dead and went back to the alternate dimension.

Well, he later became a savior there as he had the ability to “walk”, a unique skill that allowed him to walk between dimensions like HEX and Binary. He saved the altiverse to keep its balance against the HEX who keeps the souls of “walkers” to power their ship.

He did not came back home anymore as he knows he doesn’t exist in the place that he used to call home. Instead, he made a new family in Interworld while keeping the altiverse balance and safe.

Fictional Character Roll #4: Joker
This guy is definitely no hero, he’s the most menacing villain out there | From Batman created by Bob Kane

Normally, I hate villains – well that is their role, to make people hate them. But Joker, though he can irritate you more than once in a while, proved to be the best bad ass scoundrel out there. He keeps Batman sane as I remember reading an article that says Batman won’t exist without Joker and his insanity, which is absolutely true. You may not have notice, but Joker hasn’t died nor have been defeated yet. He keeps on coming back and annoying Batman with his intelligent schemes and plots.

Unlike most villains, Joker is purely human. No telekinesis, no wings, no Krypton or whatever. No fancy costumes (oh Superman) and most importantly, no misplaced underwear.  He is built on just pure intellect and on that menacing and deadly smile of his. Add his iconic purple suit. No wonder he is the perfect match for the most realistic hero out there, Batman, who doesn’t have x-ray vision nor spider web neither. Joker is simply the greatest thug the comic book world has ever created. And he continues to be the best.

Fictional Character Roll #3: Maximum Ride
She knows how to fly | From Maximum Ride novels by James Patterson

Max, the half-human-half-avian 15-year-old leader of the pack of six bird kids and a flying dog, was once my most favorite fiction character for a long time. She (yes, Max is a girl) is a leader and most importantly a very brave and supportive comrade to her brothers and sisters. It is a bit disappointing on how James Patterson has developed this character throughout the series. As the books grow in number, her character becomes more and more cliche and dull, not to mention Patterson’s aging-like-him style in writing. Nevertheless, Max still belongs in my top list and Maximum Ride series would remain to be my favorite book series next to Artemis Fowl.

Max has wings but that doesn’t mean that she is anywhere similar to some vampire/werewolf suckers out there with shiny shimmering reptile skin and adobo-like aroma. Gifted with some avian skills like extraordinary vision and hearing, she is intelligent and knows how to fight fist-to-fist. Moreover, she takes risks and makes good decision not only for herself or the pack but also for the whole world which she has to protect from mad scientists and DNA cross-breeders.

Fictional Character Roll #2: Artemis Fowl II
Genius from hair to toe | From Artemis Fowl novels by Eoin Colfer

I have been talking about AF these past few days and I guess you know him already. He is an Irish 15-year-old boy genius who has claimed contact with fairies in Lower Elements, Haven City. He became known in the debut book as an antihero, who is a criminal mastermind, hacker and thief but became a do-gooder later in the series. He ranked third in Forbes list of richest fictional characters with a net worth of $13.5 billion.

Despite Artemis’ evil plots in the early goings of the novels, it can be seen that the genius is nothing but a boy who wants to rescue his father from being kidnapped and heal his mother of a certain illness to build his family once more. Artemis, whose name means hunter, has also helped the fairies in certain circumstances, strengthening his good morale.

I love Artemis because I can see myself in him, though I am nowhere near genius. He is quiet and a thinker. He plans better than anyone (maybe even better than Batman) and is always two steps ahead. Anyone would admire his character.

Fictional Character Roll #1: Batman
The Dark Knight | Created by Bob Kane

Well, the Caped Crusader is number one. And why not? He is the only non-alien superhero out there and the most intelligent one along with AF. He has the gadgets – Batmobile, Batarang, etc – and the muscles – the only one who has mastered all the 127 form of martial arts. He has the best intentions including his motto of not killing anyone (which explains why Joker never dies) and the best sidekick in Dick Grayson or more popularly known as Robin. He even has the best villain, Joker, public enemy number one.

Batman has no superpowers and not genetically altered (he fears bats for heaven’s sake), a characteristic very unlikely for a superhero (Superman, Spidey). Yet, he saves more people than Spiderman and his web. He even has one of the best costumes out there. He is quiet yet intelligent and works smoothly and perfectly.

Everything has been said about this guy. And he will remain on top not only on my list but in my heart as well.

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