11 May 2011 | Day 055

4:27 pm

The weather today turned out to be completely opposite of what the weather was these past two days. And I tell you, it gives me, and probably you and your neighbor, some headache.

Well, despite that, this day proved to be not that bad. Though I must admit the headache is worsening, I was plunged into deep adventure in AF6 – enough to make my day a little satisfactory.

If Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony were the most emotional book in the series as I had described it in yesterday’s blog, Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox is surely the most intelligent one in the series so far. It is packed with twists enough to give you an additional headache while ironically enjoying it. Some were predictable but most seemed to be predictable but happened to be otherwise. The plot is nice as time travel theme is involved. Although time travel may be cliche for some of us, surely Eoin Colfer managed to un-cliched the said theme by involving a 15-year-old genius in Artemis Fowl and fairies, needless to mention the humor that dwarf Mulch Diggums inserts in the story (he will keep you from getting insane, believe me).

The story basically revolves around Artemis searching a cure for her mother, Angeline Fowl, who was diagnosed with Spelltropy, a disease that is transferred through magic. It was soon revealed that the cure can be extracted from silky sifaka, a lemur which happened to be extinct thanks to Artemis criminal doings when he was ten. And so, Fowl has travel back in time to rescue the lemur from extinction and cure his mother. It won’t be easy as he faces his biggest adversary yet – Artemis Fowl, ten-years-old – not to mention Opal Koboi doing drastic damage again later in the story as she managed to join Artemis and Holly in traveling back to the future in the time stream.

Surely, this book is very interesting. Read it if you’re a genius, or simply want to feel like one. It won’t disappoint your expectations.

– Erson (4:45 pm)

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