10 May 2011 | Day 054

5:04 pm

I half expected things to get better today. I was right, fractionally.

Well, at least I was wrong about the weather. I predicted it to be sunny and scorching hot today. Good thing it is not instead the weather turned out to be nice and cool. No sun but at least not rainy anymore.

I have finished reading AF5 today to be my fifth book to have been read this summer. I did not set any number of books to reach but I am happy I’m going this far. Actually, I have already started with my sixth book – AF6. I hope all this book reading during this summer will pay out during the next days of being in school.

I thought AF5’s ending would be boring just like the fourth book. But I was wrong. Well, I was half expecting it to be good but the irresistible the-ending-might-be-boring feeling is in me. Good thing it was a nice ending. So far, it has the most emotional ending among the five books in the series.

– Erson (5:15 pm)

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