Foul, Fowl, fowl

9 May 2011 | Day 053

5:02 pm

FOUL. I can’t deny that I love the rain more than the sun. But I must admit I hate the rain if it has immediately shifted from the sun. Just like what is happening these past couple of days.

The summer heat was piercing through my windows like crazy just this Saturday until it rained yesterday when Pacquiao was devastating Granpa Mosley. Today, the sun did not show up instead it rained nonstop. With this sudden shift in the weather, my throat is hurting as if it were being scratched by rusty barbed wires. It hurts. This weather is extremely foul. Talk about global warming making itself known…tsk.

FOWL. Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony proves to be better than its predecessor. So far, some girl named Minerva has somewhat “outsmarted” the boy antihero turned hero. Minerva has captured a demon (an imp to be exact) by the name of N°1, who was being tracked by Artemis himself to do the exact same thing except that Minerva has done it before him and before his eyes. Now he has to claim the demon back with of course the help of his rival turned friend fairy Holly Short.

fOWL. The Lakers proved to be a chicken after the Mavs routed them in Game 4 of in the West semis. The Mavs won four straight against the defending champions and one of my two favorite teams. It was embarrassing, way embarrassing for some champs to be routed in four games straight and 30 plus points in the last game. What happened to Gasol? What?! The Lakers seemed to be fowls.


I love my title today. It’s so nice. Not only the words rhyme, but the title made you think. I tap my shoulder for this one.

– Erson (5:26 pm)

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