7 May 2011 | Day 051

6: 45 pm

Despite the Lakers being almost swept by Nowitzki and his gang of tongue-show-ers, I have the benefit of being alone all day at home today.

Well, I had fun doing some things today. Though tiring, it was extremely fun.

I played with Bruce today even though he’s stinky as his dung. He really love biting rags and playing with them. I don’t know what’s with rags, why does Bruce love rags? This is really getting mysterious. Guess what, tomorrow he will turn eight months! I wonder what his treat for us will be.

I started AF5 today as I’ve finished 4 yesterday. AF4 is not as exciting as its predecessors but good and still thrilling. It revolves around Opal Koboi’s revenge on everyone who had put an end to her evil plans in book three. Of course, Artemis is included in the list, which also includes the LEP particularly Captain Holly Short (who WAS in the bridge of being promoted to a major). It was nice.

Book five revolves around demons. So far, a demon has brought Artemis to an earlier century (you know, time travel). Hopefully this would be nice.

– Erson (6:52 pm)

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