Seems like eternity

4 May 2011 | Day 048

3:32 pm

As I write this post, I can fell the sun’s heat piercing through the windows into my library, which by the way has its air conditioner set to 16 degrees Celsius.

The foul weather seems like to last forever. Yesterday, I was here in the same room feeling the same heat. Last week, it was the same situation. I can’t simply work and be productive with this kind of weather. Even mother, who normally wouldn’t care about the weather, complains about the heat being a bit too exaggerated. It is just too hot, even if it is summer. Global warming is surely taking control of this world. You know, frying you and me little by little.

Anyway, some minutes before writing this blog, I have finished reading AF3. It was longer and better in terms of mind boggling concepts. Basically, the story revolves around Artemis (obviously) having invented something called a C Cube, which was modified from fairy technology. He wants to sell the God-like computer to a gangster, criminal, whatever you call it, for some price on which this ghangsta did not agree. The gangster, who is also a genius of almost the same level as Artemis, took the item and some action took place, resulting to Butler, Artemis’ bodyguard and friend, being shot and eventually being dead.

Well, Artemis has to find a way to resurrect Butler from doom and he needed some fairy assistance. As usual, Captain Holly Short comes to aid for Fowl. As they try to find some ways to give Butler his second life, Artemis has to chase the C Cube thief, who has set a trap for him to decode the Eternity Code he has placed on the cube. This book is full of adventure, action, drama, comedy and emotion put together in 309 pages.

I would start reading the fourth book sometime tomorrow to distract me from this scorching heat. It is the only way possible to be productive with some fun and excitement as bonus.

– Erson (3:50 pm)

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