Bruce almighty

3 May 2011 | Day 047

4:40 pm

Today is the second day that Angelo is gone for some seminar. I must admit I’m bored without my little brother and with Lakers and Ginebra losing in NBA and PBA, respectively. And so I had to look for some boredom-remover.

It wasn’t hard to find the boredom antidote. Bruce, our ever so playful eight-day-old Shih Tzu, is the cure to my poisoning. Apart from our master and pet “training” early this morning, I and my mother gave him a deserving bath at noontime and it was another wet and wild mania. Bruce was splashing water everywhere and I was water-struck in the eye for at least two times and water-with-shampoo-struck for another couple of instants. It was not bad as it might have sounded instead fun and nice.

I blower-ed Bruce after his bath and it was way fun than bathing and shampooing his delicate looking body. I don’t know if he is afraid of the vacuum’s (I use our vacuum cleaner’s reverse mode by the way since we have no blower) nozzle or he was enjoying the air coming out of the machine. It was funny seeing him walk around like crazy or act like a paranoid cat…or dog. Haha, Bruce, what a dog.

As usual, he was sleepy after. While I was writing this post, he’s here beside my foot sleeping like a sloth. It doesn’t matter, we had fun already.

I started reading AF3 while Bruce was sleeping and I must say it is another adventure to look forward to. So far, Butler needs to be revived from the dead (oops, spoiler) after an encounter with someone named Arno Blunt, who by the way is as big but more gangstah-looking than him, and Artemis Fowl is paranoid on how he will do it. This is getting interesting.

That will do for today. Good day folks.

– Erson (5:02 pm)

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