Sad and tired

28 April 2011 | Day 042

6:57 pm

Seeing dead animals did not help me recover from my frustration on Amazon. It just added more emotions. And exhaustion.

I was so sure that rabbits won’t last here in our place the time I saw my family bringing down five pairs of rabbits in their cage from the car last Sunday. And I was right. Today, two died and two seem to die some other day. Too bad.

I, together with my mom and bro, cleaned up the mess of the two dead rabbits. We separated the remaining eight on two different cages and gave them more than enough water to drink on. We figured out that not everyone of them get to drink enough from the container provided that hangs beside the cage.

Dead rabbits are not a good site to see. Trust me.

– Erson (7:17 pm)

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