Wet and wild

26 April 2011 | Day 050

4:42 pm

I was left with no one but Bruce this morning. And we had some wet and wild fun.

Taking good care of a dog not only includes food and affection but more importantly attending to it from head to toe…or tail, I mean. Today, I gave Bruce some well-deserved shower and I believe he enjoyed it. Bathing a dog isn’t easy. Aside from the fact that dogs are constantly moving from one place to another, dogs to that shaking-their-bodies motion every now and then especially when they’re wet. And that’s what Bruce did. Every once in a while during his shower time this morning, he does that funny dog motion, making me completely wet from top to bottom. It wasn’t easy, but it was sure fun…and obviously wet.

Today, I learned something. Dogs love blowers. No, not blowers…the air from blowers. Too bad I can’t find our blower here at home so I improvised and use the reverse function of our vacuum cleaner to dry him up. And Bruce loved it! He never left his spot while I dry him up. He even was tilting his head once in a while and angling his body to dry himself up. How nice of Bruce!

Bruce slept in my room this afternoon while I was sleeping as well. I opened my eyes from time to time to look at him and he was just curled like a ball beside my bed. He may be playful, but he sure is a good sleeper!

This day is extremely fun, thanks to Bruce that is. In the next few days, I promise that I will take care of him better and hopefully make a good trainer to him.

– Erson (5:00 pm)

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