Happy Easter

24 April 2011 | Day 048

5:14 pm

Happy Easter everyone! And with the happy resurrection of our Lord, I created, as promised, a new feature in Flaming Eternity.

Just moments before writing this post, I’ve already created the new Essays category and published two posts on it. Click here to view. Continue subscribing to Flaming Eternity for more good essays. More will be coming in the next few days.

Well, today is a happy day. We attended mass this morning, something we haven’t done in two weeks or so. The atmosphere in the church was so light and happy anyone can conclude that the people were really happy to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. It was nice to attend mass again with my family.

I was left at home after the morning mass. Until now, while I’m writing this post, they aren’t here yet. It is nice being alone as I can cherish the temporary silence here in the house. Also, there are a lots of things that I can do. It’s really nice.

Nothing much anymore. I just hope Ginebra finishes Gilas in today’s game. Goodbye folks.

– Erson (5:21 pm)

One comment

  1. It’s not so happy to me. Anyways, I hope I don’t spoil your Easter. Have a eastery evening.
    (Sayang taga AdMU ka. Taga AdDu ka sana, paturo sana ako pano sumulat. Ha ha)

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