Restart and recover

31 March 2011 | Day 027

10:14 pm

I’m excited today. And I feel like I’ve accomplished something to renew my old self.

Throughout this day, I’m really excited. Why? Well, simply it’s just a day (well, actually it’s just hours) away before I finally know my grades for the second semester. Most students won’t mind and others wouldn’t dare to think about grades. But I’m excited. I personally don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I fell (and I guess I know) I did better this semester than my opening half of my freshman year. Or maybe, it’s just because I’m really excited to know how I did for this sem.

I was checking AISIS regularly for the past three days and today, it was saying that I have a second semester QPI of 3.13. Well, not bad. It’s better than my 3.0 during the first semester. But it isn’t final yet. The admins are still updating the online database. I just hope…well…I hope it would be higher…at least reaching 3.35. I just want to make my parents happy. They said…they would be happier if I become a dean’s lister this semester. Well, I’m glad for the temporary 3.13 that I saw. But I want other people to be happy as well. Hopefully, it remains temporary until tomorrow when it reaches 3.35 (hopefully!).

I believe I accomplished something good today. I continued reading Angel (by James Patterson), which I started yesterday afternoon (and stopped one and a half hours after), and I read it for some straight hours, like I used to do before. Actually, I’m about to finish it before realizing that I haven’t written my blog yet. The book was good – as always (it is the last book, I believe, in Patterson’s epic series Maximum Ride). It still continues to give me thrill and excitement just like with the other books in the series. No wonder Maximum Ride is my favorite book series (suck your ass Twilight) and Max has become one of my favorite book characters. You must try reading it. It has a manga version too!

I guess that’s it for today. Hopefully, I become a DL this sem. If not, I’m happy with the increase in QPI. So long folks. Let’s fly like Max!

– Erson (10:30 pm)

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