No practice equals “doom”

30 March 2011 | Day 026

7:56 pm

Today, I discovered that I forgot and lost a lot of things – important things – already. I’m doomed.

Firstly, I forgot some algorithms in solving my megaminx and other cubes. I was solving my megaminx just a while ago and I was stocked (again, like last night) in the part where I need to orient the edges. I tried a few moves, but it only messed up the dodecahedral puzzle. I tried an algorithm I use for the 2x2x2 cube and it worked somehow. But I’m sure it won’t work all the time since there is really a specific move to orient the megaminx’s edges. I eventually resorted to consulting YouTube again to search for the video where I learned how to solve megaminx.

I was irritated at myself.

You might say this is such a small thing to be frustrated about. But for me, it is not. I’ve been trying to establish myself in this mini field of speed cubing since I was in third year high school and I want to preserve it until I can. And I’m sure today is not the right time to stop preserving my talent. I can’t simply lose all that I’ve worked for.

Secondly, and I believe more importantly, I figured that I forgot some Math already. Yes, Math. My brother just asked me to help him with his Kumon homework before I started this post and I can’t answer it! It took me a while to solve it and I still doubt my answer. I needed to search the net to verify my answer. Eventually, it was right. But the mere fact that I forgot how to solve a simple question – after how many years of doing Kumon and learning good Math during high school – really really makes me hate myself. I can afford to lose some knowledge but not this! Even though my course (and I blame my course for this!) doesn’t require Math, I can’t lose my knowledge on it. Math is my favorite subject since I was young. I fell in love with it already. I can’t lose it this easy.

Lastly, I believe I don’t have that super and patient attitude towards reading books anymore. I was reading a book by James Patterson entitled Angel this afternoon and I lasted only until chapter 20. I just felt lazy. Normally, I would read any book and finish it for eight straight hours. Yet, today, it was just a bit more than an hour.

What’s happening with me? I don’t think this is good. Am I distracted by college? Am I becoming too lazy?

I can’t afford to lose all these in just a snap. I don’t want to be in doom.

– Erson (8:14 pm)

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