Mula sa Puso

29 March 2011 | Day 025

7:58 pm

A new teleserye in ABS-CBN is making me addicted.

I must admit Philippine melodramatic stories, movies and TV series never caught my attention except for Tayong Dalawa and the new Mula Sa Puso, which started yesterday in Channel 2. The new TV series, which is a remake of the original which starred Claudine Barreto and the late Rico Yan, has a full blast cast that include the likes of Dawn Zulueta and Eula Valdez.

The TV series made me interested for unknown reasons. Maybe it’s time for something new. Maybe it’s time to appreciate things that I never liked before. What I know is that ever since it started yesterday, I would want to continue watching it everyday. It may be corni for most of you. I also think it’s corni and baduy especially for a guy of my age. But, who cares? It’s time to start something new (oh my God, cliche!).

Hopefully, Mula Sa Puso would keep it’s thrilling attitude. I would always want to see muriatic acid being spilled on a character’s face (just like today’s episode)! And hopefully, this would make way for a new step for Philippine TV, and maybe also movies. Over the past years, our TV and movies featured cliche and jologs love stories, fantasy prime time shows (especially in GMA 7) with below mediocre effects and comedy shows that weren’t really funny but corni instead. Hopefully, we improve our TV and movie industry with this new exciting show.

I tried solving my megaminx, which I haven’t touched for about a month, today and I found I forgot one algorithm. It was sad that my memory seems to get weaker as I grow older. Or maybe I just lack practice. Who knows?

That’s it guys. Let’s watch Mula sa Puso tomorrow and see what happens.

– Erson (8:26 pm)

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