Batman and the new idol

27 March 2011 | Day 023

10:20 pm

Today is undeniably quiet.

I, together with my little bro, was left at home since morning until about 7 or 8 this evening. Mom and dad went buying some things in the supermarket and the groceries. Bro and I were left at home, basically doing nothing but eat and slouch.

I must admit Angelo has become more mature now. I’m happy that he’s growing. But I can’t help to be sad too. I would miss his sweet child attitude, his funny words and actions and his innocent and angelic childhood. He used to piss me when we’re left at home but today, he’s a little more quiet – a sign that he’s really growing up. Well, every man must grow up someday. Angelo can’t stay as a child anymore.

I was watching PBA a while ago. It was Smart Gilas (the Philippine team) against Powerade. Smart Gilas lost their 6-foot-11 import Marcus Douthit last time out due to injury. I watched it since I want to know how tough is this Philippine team and how can they compete without a foreigner back-up. I want them to win. They’re this country’s hope for Olympics after all.

First half was dominated by Powerade leading by as much as 23 sometime during the second quarter. Smart looked like they can’t come back anymore since they were out-rebounded big time. The thought of them winning just because of Douthit came to my mind. Yet, I was wrong. Yes, they won! (Spoiler. Boo.) And I was proud they did it on their own. I was pretty impressed with guard Marcio Lassiter. I can tell that he’s good with his stats as I see in news and websites but I never really see him play until today. I was impressed. He was aggressive, has a well built, has good dribbling and can shoot threes! He was responsible for Gilas’ comeback in the third canto along with the heroics of Aldrech Ramos and JV Casio and the intensity and good play making of Chris Tiu.

Lassiter had an all around game. He had 21 points, four rebounds, four assists and two steals – pretty impressive for a guard. I can say that he can improve more and he has still a lot to work on. But today, he became my new idol to go along side Kobe, Nash, and Caguioa.

Just minutes before I started writing this post, I just finished watching The Dark Knight again but this time with dad. He requested it as he saw it’s trailer in a mall’s TV store being played and thought it was good. So we watched it. I can’t deny that I’m still fascinated by Christopher Nolan’s direction of the movie. Joker, as performed by the late Heath Ledger, pretty much impressed me as well. Of course, there’s Batman, my favorite hero and perhaps this world’s best and most realistic super hero. As I finished the movie, the heat and passion for Batman started to become bigger again. Batman is simply my idol and my hero. I even want to be like him – at least have the same brains as his.

Well, that’s but a dream. But it isn’t impossible.

Hopefully, as my brother grows older, he would become as wise, as just, and as brilliant as Batman as I would want to be for myself. In any case I can’t pursue this dream, hopefully, he would compensate for my lost. He’s the best brother after all.

– Erson (11:02 pm)

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